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Chloe is a Cosplayer and sews her own Visual-kei costumes. Chloe has taught herself Japanese by reading magazines she orders through a Taiwanese website. She's now taking graduate-level conversational classes at Smith College and in turn tutoring her friends.

She's met fellow Cosplayers at Smith, online and at conventions. Chloe feels "estranged" from her high school. Now most of her friends are older.

Chloe frequents Animerica and Cosplaylab

Chloe tells us about her Cosplay outfits (1min30sec)
watch clip #1

Chloe shows how she references photos (1min)
watch clip #2

Chloe talks about the Cosplay community (1min10sec)
watch clip #3

Chloe shares some knowledge & magazines (1min30sec)
watch clip #4

Download a transcript of Chloe's interview
chloe still #1

2nd & 3rd images on this webpage are pulled from Vanessa Bertozzi's video interview with Chloe. The portrait in the woods which is courtesy Chloe. The 4th is a photo Bertozzi took of Chloe with her parents at an anime convention.