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Ariel Schrag has been making comix for as long as she can remember. She was inspired by a comicbook artist who happened to share her name, Ariel Bordeaux.

Ariel stands by the black and white comix and zines. She views color with suspicion, saying it's just another layer of tampering by the publishing companies.

Ariel feels that distributing your art face-to-face is a meaningful stage for young artists to go through. Slave Labor Graphics first published Ariel's comix while she was still in high school.

Sharon Barnes made a documentary about Ariel called Confession.

Ariel explains how she got started, inspiration from Ariel Bordeaux, & why she distrusts color (3min40sec)
listen to clip #1

Ariel gets out her sketchbook & notes (1min40sec)
listen to clip #2

Ariel talks about how her comicbook impacted her social-life (50sec)
listen to clip #3

Ariel explains how she went about getting published (1min5sec)
listen to clip #4

Ariel describes her relationship with her fans when she first got published in the late '90s (1min10sec)
listen to clip #5

Ariel on the importance of self-publishing & her doubts about blogs & livejournals (2min15sec)
listen to clip #6

Ariel talks about trying screenplay writing (40sec)
listen to clip #7

Ariel on her experience teaching in an afterschool program (1min40sec)
listen to clip #8

Ariel is looking forward to finishing her highschool comix (25sec)
listen to clip #9

Download a transcript of Ariel's interview

Ariel still #1

Images on this webpage are pulled from Ariel Schrag's comicbook Potential, & Ariel Bordeaux's comicbook Deep Girl.
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